Thursday, August 29, 2013


Saturday, August 17, 2013

weird me.

like suddenly i realised that we can never ever depend on others for our own happiness.
but it's too late.


so.... Hari Raya holiday ends.
idk what feelings should I have right now. okay to be honest. i don't actually feel blue for the reopening of school. i remembered last year i was so down when it came to schooling days. well most probably is because of pmr and those trials that made me exhaust . this year form 4. okay everything becomes tougher but we don't have to sit for any important government test. so except some small tests, coming to school is just like a piece of cake. without stress and i'm enjoying. homework? yah our teachers don't actually give us loads of homework, and if yes, i always do it last minute /./


mummy says i have to stop to be a perfectionist. nobody is perfect.
but not interest for 'perfection'.
i am just... dream big. for you only lived once.
like, if you have a dream. then why not dream for the biggest and furthest?

Saturday, August 10, 2013


if one day my dreams come true.
i wish i would never forget who is there be with me even in the darkest days of my life.
i wish i would never forget people who help me and motivate me along the way of pursuing my dreams.
i wish i would never forget to thanks and praise the Lord, for everything i have is given by Him.

总不能 流血就喊痛 怕黑就开灯 想念就联系 疲惫就放空 被孤立就讨好 脆弱就想家 不要被现在而蒙蔽双眼 终究是要长大 最漆黑的那段路终要自己走完 现在的这些那些也将会被时间抛在脑后 所以 不要害怕。@weibo

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


came across this saying :

I'd rather have a life of 'OH WELLS' than a life of 'WHAT IFS.'

and it is pretty true. for me. i realised that i am that kind of person that if i decided to do something, then i will strain every nerve to perform best and if i don't want to do something, i won't get start. not even a little try. my mum said, i am so 'legalistic' (and this is definitely not a compliment) . but. but something stubborn in me wouldn't let me change. because.... we only live once. i just don't want to make myself feeling guilty. okay so a little sharing anyway, and happy hari raya aidilfitri to everyone! :)