Saturday, December 29, 2012


another kind of edit of this photo (see my previous post)::

* * *
Thanks God.

today i went to sch. and... i am different class with all (almost) my friends.
idk what my feeling, but you know. accept the truth. you can't change the future.
and people keep saying study in our class is stressful and all that. we have still not yet start our school, so don't judge before anything happens.
and Vic starts to do pengawas next year! and we are different class, too! OK. Fine. Real friendship never fails. i believe that.
but somehow things are going smoother than what i expected. seriously. i am glad:) God is leading my way... thanks God. :love:

tmr off to kl;;;


最幸福的人        是那些不懂算数的人

-          恩佐。

Friday, December 28, 2012

really lazy to do my homework now. why?! and to be a lil wicked, i kinda hope our school is flooding. o.o so we will delayed our sch days! but i know won't happen right. because i remembered last time that was also a time where the water level was rising because of the non stop raining days. then i thought will be a flood over the sch but no. but seriously, who is actually exciting to go back to sch? well maybe students overseas are exciting. because their schools are fun. our school is dull. cruel. too much education things and no entertainments. yea this is so we called malaysia.

Homework ahhh homeworkkkkk

random:: their eyes are always in the same direction 0_o


i forgot about my homework at all. i still have 9 chinese essays and 10 english newspaper to be done... and i left only 1 day time! well believe me i won't bring along my homework to kl. so i HAVE to done it by tomorrow. nah ok last minute isn't good. but it is productive! *
and.... tmr we need to go school, to get our form 4 textbooks and blahh. i still have to write letter to my teacher to inform school that i will be absent the first day of school.
and.... i still need to print out the boarding pass of the air tickets.

so.... it is almost the end of the year already. what feelings do i have? none.
idk, but i remembered when i was young i really have a lot of emotions,feelings to express. and always intend to do something considered "special" on the last day of year, to make that year memorable and  meaningful. but year by year,... i start to have that feeling like, "the last day of the year? oh. mah like that lo. " (Malaysians' english lool)
so now i somehow know the feeling of adults that they don't simply get excited/touched/emotional on every event.
but still, hope 2013 will be a better year for me. for everyone. for this world.

&... my bro and my sis. i miss them. ;;

hope everything will be fine. :pray:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

fairy tail . fairy tale

::Fairy Tail::
This is so touching. well and this video is more like a movie trailer.

* * * 
Lol yeah. so the holiday is officially ended... 
and then everything's a brand new start. again. 
gah. to be honest i don't really looking forward to 2013. but i can only move on. ;_;
and now i'm somehow worrying - the first day of sch i will be absent. (will be going to kl)
idk. idk why i'm feeling insecure.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas eve

ps not using camera to take these photos. camera360 edited::

Merry Christmas ;3

Saturday, December 22, 2012


thank you mum and dad, i will appreciate::

* * *
tomorrow (23rd of Dec) will be a busy day for us.
i need to arrive at church by 10:30am and, back home on 5pm and bathing and eating and go to there again. for the christmas party! I am sooo excited. because my friends are attending! :love:

so thats all. i need to sleep early today to energize myself. goodnight!#

Friday, December 21, 2012



21/12/12 11:20pm.
OK. so don't worry. theres isn't any doomsday.
:) I saw a good tweet in weibo :

"世界末日,阳光灿烂。所有的快乐与烦恼都继续上演。人是脆弱的动物,因为脆弱,反而期待某种危机彻底剥夺自己的责任。上帝笑言:"哪有这么便宜的事?该有的努力一样也不能少。继续生活吧!"遵命。"  - via 杨澜

so it is. 21st of dec isn't any "doomsday" , "end of world" or whatsoever.
but a chance to start everything all over again. perhaps we made a lot mistakes in the past, that doesn't mean we can't make up again. &perhaps we succeed and seldom get failed in the past, but life is getting tougher day by day & year by year. treat those accomplishments/achievements as some good memories & experiences, meanwhile keep on trying and carry on.

* * *
christmas is coming soon. exciting*
we'll have christmas party on 23rd, caroling on 24th, christmas celebrations... everything makes me feel exciting lol! seriously. i hope this year we can do well in the preparations & decorations of Christmas party, singing performance on Christmas morning,.... and many more.

and, i really feel so grateful on how God leads my way this year. every failure, every difficulty, every hard time, everything. every time. everywhere. this year is quite tough, i have to admit that. but when i noticed, i had pass through those times which i considered as 'hard times'. and i know that if without God i can't. and think about everything He gives me unconditionally, like lovely family&friends, healthy body, good result in pmr,.. and much more.which those i know and those i don't know.
Dear God, thank you so much. without you i'm nothing.

Thursday, December 20, 2012




- 恩佐。


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rewind YouTube Style 2012

OK i know almost everyone is getting bored of gangnam style.
this is a video that combines every YouTuber which their videos are famous & well known this year.
video made by official website of Youtube. Lets see what is trending(?) this year:)

OMG. Oh...mygosh. tmr is the day. :pray:

Sunday, December 16, 2012


sometimes they say do not expect much, because it will always lead to disappointments huh? yes i believe that. but that doesn't mean i will never have any expectations. expectations towards family, expectations towards myself to achieve something blah blah blah and whatsoever.  that is, to be honest, really tiring. however... when facing problems, you are on yourself. people give you suggestions, but you still need to face  those lousy problems and deal with them, all by yourself. so maybe, maybe it is good to be independent and do not rely on anyone. i knew it. but i couldn't help myself from expecting... that feeling is awful.

* * *

it is 12:43am now and... still raining. and the frogs from far away like murmuring among themselves.
23rd of Dec. our church's christmas party. i hope everything will be fine and going smoothly! :pray:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The First Noel

kind of feel the atmosphere of Christmas already :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

No pain, no Game

i love this song ;3 
this is an opening song for the anime ''btooom'', and so this video is made up by these music geniuses in Japan, where they played it by ears and recorded respectively, and then combined everything together. I guess they are all from different states of Japan. &the vocal... yepp you'll noticed that she was singing with a hair dyer. well, now you know that's why people always say 'some geniuses are sorta odd in certain ways', which is somehow true. They are really awesome! ;3

* * *
19th of Dec. PMR result. Confirmed. Plus, you can check your result yourself by sending message to a number. but... i wouldn't do that. am afraid : because who knows? and there's useless to worry about. Future is written by God...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


some photos that i took these few days....

#1 idk why this plant in my house can never grown big. -_- but the branches without leaves are quite 'artistic'. (The photo above : Edited → Effect : Black&White)


#3 "In God everything is possible. everything. "


#5 Go Greeeeeen


Bye now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/12/12, Immanuel

This will be last time we got the exact same date, because we only have 12 months in a year and it is impossible to have 13/13/13. and... in order to commemorate this special(?) day, i hope tmr i can upload some photos that i took... see if i got the time to do it ;)

Just now when i on (fyi, my twitter is dead and can't log in anymore idk why) , there are photos spreading : 3 suns in the sky and the inverted rainbow. Here it is : PS I do not own this photo.

This are... amazing. Well just amazing, isn't it?

however, there are people who says these phenomenons were actually the signature of doomsday. (speechless...) but those pros declared that this is just natural phenomenons that are rarely seen.

Whether if doomsday does happen, remember God is always with us :pray:

Immanuel = God is with us.
ok so... they said the pmr result will be announced on the 19th of dec. it is pretty early o.o
*trembling. think about this, i still have a lot of things haven't well prepared, like tuitions, homework (which, btw, idk what hw we had) -_-

preparations for Christmas is going pretty smooth, and to be honest it is our first time practice so hard, without wasting time chitchatting and playing!

all for today.

Friday, December 7, 2012


so... continue yesterday. and here are these some photos : 

#1 & 2 : Blue Sky themed -

#3 Random stones...

so all for today. bye!


want to try on some'nature' photos lately. so i went around my house and took some photos... and believe me, going outside photographing isn't that easy. in fact, you need guts to do it because sometimes there are some awful insects all around and, there are always some little animals in the bushes and without noticing they may pop out and shock you.

#1 OK. Obviously a photo without relating the word 'nature'. well... it's just a random photo i took this few days. hmm.

#2 I prefer simple and clean. and the sky is so blue and soothing. :love:

#3  This spot. when some little insects shocked me.
I think almost everyone has a 'memory' with this flowers, the sap (...?) of this flowers are just nice. ❤

there are more photos coming. stay tuned ! :Bye:

Thursday, December 6, 2012



i turned around to see what is wrong with me. what is the problems that have stopped me to move on continuously. i want to know why i'm already getting tired to move on, why i seems to give up... . and. i found that, in fact theres no problems. not at all. everything is fine. is just that : i lost my passion. i lost my motivations. to continue all this. if you're tiring to pursue your dream & after you get a rest, and then you feel energised to start all over again, it is OK, but what if you actually no more motivation to move on, no more energy to pursue the unforeseen future? This is terrifying. and this is me, the one who already stops paying any effort to change my future. without any reason... me, snap.

↑ which is currently unavailable for me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Part of your world

this disney song. brings back so many childhood memories! absolutely nice version.


PS I do not own these photos. 

" LORD, I know that people's lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their. " (Jeremiah 10:23)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

so another usual day. but also enjoyable!
i spend the whole afternoon reading to the books that i bought long time ago but still haven't read. some are good, some are OK, and some are... mundane,anyway. i spend the night watching movies. sister is taking her exam, so i can't distract her... (OK although i keep on go into her room and talk to her.) and... I start to realise that! schools are good, only if we go there just to play & talk with friends, and no homework no teachers no lectures about life no study. But if this really makes sense, i think this place will not be 'sch' anymore.


23rd of Dec. My church is having a christmas party. &dangg i got my friends to come and join us! The thing is that we still didn't plan out the games and presents and all that. oh and i need to set up the christmas tree tmr morning. @


idk. i am really getting all dizzy. i don't like things to get messed up like this, neither you. but we unconsciously making things hard. both of us. so... this is what you decided? OK, i mean just go ahead with your decisions... and i had mine. am not going to try harder anymore. enough said. i'm glad that i am no more bothered by this thing. at least i think i am, well... move on.

lastly, another picture of my mum's roses. 

it is 12:56AM and i think i'm NOT going to bed because it is drama time now! Goodnight;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

What if ?

Not a new song, but a nice song that i love very much. ;3

Sunday, December 2, 2012


ytd was my mum's birthday.
and.... my dad bought her some roses. it is sorta... well it is quite unbelievable. Because my dad is a quite straight person, and barely knows something like 'romantic' xD

hope you like it ;)

you don't care. so why should i? D:

* * *

staying at home can be quite boring sometimes. but it is still way lot better than schooling days. seriously -_o

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Happy birthday, mum. I love you =)

Friday, November 30, 2012


so today is the 1st of Dec.
Tomorrow is my mum's birthday. &i'm now trying to think of some surprises for her. but sometimes surprises can become "pranks" for those grown-ups. and so I think maybe what i need to do now is just made a card and prepare a present for her.

i'm kinda looking forward to Christmas! but sadly my siblings will not come back to kb because they have exam, which is quite crazy, because when everybody is celebrating the christmas, and they need to study and do their revisions.
and during this year end my sista & i will go to visit them for 3 days. and i only come back to kb again on 1/1/2013. and whats annoying is that our school starts on the exactly first day of the year. i was like o_O because i though 1st of Jan is the New Year Holiday isn't it?? So bang. there's no turning back. i gonna miss my first day of sch, which is kind of risky, because perhaps i will not get a good seat for the rest of the year. normally people go sch extremely early on the first day of sch to get a good seat. so i know i gotta prepare myself to sit at the back, and maybe the corner of the class together with the dirty brooms. sigh*


i took this photo yesterday.

it's almost time...

 after 2 years, back to blogger again :)


so 1 month left before this year ends. sigh*
in thats a trending topic, which is about the end of the world (dommsday?).
well, the Mayan spread the rumors about 21st of Dec, 2012 is the end of the world.
if this gonna be true, then i actually don't have to worry about my pmr's result Lol. But the truth is actually a lot of scientist carried out researches and found that, this rumor is not true at all. anyway there are also some people who still believe about this dommsday thingy. however i myself do not believe in this, and i'm praying that next year 2013 will be a better year for me.


just gonna share some photos that I captured yesterday night. 


↑ this is something lovely that my sis bought me last time. 


I change the colour of this photo a lil bit to make it look like old photo. 

#3 ↓ just a random photo of my sista's nail polish.