Friday, November 30, 2012


so today is the 1st of Dec.
Tomorrow is my mum's birthday. &i'm now trying to think of some surprises for her. but sometimes surprises can become "pranks" for those grown-ups. and so I think maybe what i need to do now is just made a card and prepare a present for her.

i'm kinda looking forward to Christmas! but sadly my siblings will not come back to kb because they have exam, which is quite crazy, because when everybody is celebrating the christmas, and they need to study and do their revisions.
and during this year end my sista & i will go to visit them for 3 days. and i only come back to kb again on 1/1/2013. and whats annoying is that our school starts on the exactly first day of the year. i was like o_O because i though 1st of Jan is the New Year Holiday isn't it?? So bang. there's no turning back. i gonna miss my first day of sch, which is kind of risky, because perhaps i will not get a good seat for the rest of the year. normally people go sch extremely early on the first day of sch to get a good seat. so i know i gotta prepare myself to sit at the back, and maybe the corner of the class together with the dirty brooms. sigh*


i took this photo yesterday.

it's almost time...

 after 2 years, back to blogger again :)


so 1 month left before this year ends. sigh*
in thats a trending topic, which is about the end of the world (dommsday?).
well, the Mayan spread the rumors about 21st of Dec, 2012 is the end of the world.
if this gonna be true, then i actually don't have to worry about my pmr's result Lol. But the truth is actually a lot of scientist carried out researches and found that, this rumor is not true at all. anyway there are also some people who still believe about this dommsday thingy. however i myself do not believe in this, and i'm praying that next year 2013 will be a better year for me.


just gonna share some photos that I captured yesterday night. 


↑ this is something lovely that my sis bought me last time. 


I change the colour of this photo a lil bit to make it look like old photo. 

#3 ↓ just a random photo of my sista's nail polish.